Our Approach

We use a participatory and facilitative approach that relies on evidence to inform decision making. To achieve this, we strive to promote the practice of documenting lessons and building on the best practices knowledge to offer our client practical and sound agricultural solutions.

Where we work ​

We primarily focus on arid and semi-arid ecosystems; however, our training and practical experience span across all types of agroecological zones of Kenya.


We have successfully conducted assignments in Northern Kenya, Karamoja region in Uganda, Dodoma region in Tanzania, Maroodijeex region in Somaliland and Chiredzi district in Zimbabwe.

Our dynamic multi-disciplinary team has over ten years’ experience offering services in:

Livestock Value Chain Analysis
Rangeland Management and Rehabilitation
Animal Health and Livestock Production
Crop Production and Extension
Project Management and Evaluation
Capacity Building and Technical Report Writing