GMP Basic™ is an Identification, Management and Traceability solution for livestock. The system is designed to serve a dual purpose. First, the system has a hardware system that confers to an individual animal or groups of animals a unique identification number using tamper proof ear tags, microchips and rumen boluses. Secondly, the system has a computer-based software component that has off line functionality. The software system allows recording and tracking of all events that occur throughout the production life cycle of the animal. The software system can integrate with a country’s national livestock traceability system.

GMP Basic™ was started in 2005 by Dr. Johan Cloete and Mrs. Rachelle Cloete. The company is a private capital venture based in South Africa. The system is used in the ostrich industry where it has been in use since 2012 after the avian influenza outbreak of 2011. The system manages close to 250, 000 new birds annually.

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