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Rabbis Vaccination Campaign - Turkana County

PPR Serosurveillance Research in sheep and goats Marsabit County Kenya

Animal Health Extension Services Deworming regime in livestock Marsabit County.

Camel Sudden Death Outbreak investigation Wajir County

1. Animal Health and Livestock Production

ASAL eXtension focuses on the care and management of animals.  We manage farms like dairy, poultry and cattle ranches and minor species farms of different sizes.

With the high experience and diverse knowledge in our industry. We understand the best practices help guide our clients to come up with solutions that lead to long-term value creation

Through different innovations, we seek the best ways to advise and train different stakeholders on how to care for their livestock. We also focus on animal nutrition, productivity and health

2. Livestock Value Chain Analysis

Our team delivers an extensive array of consultancy services across the value chain, from production to consumption. A few of the services include animal husbandry, animal nutrition and breeding, meat quality and business review.  The solutions provided to our clients and partners offer an opportunity for smallholder farmers to become integrated in formal markets

We identify inefficiencies in specific value chain areas and map solutions to address these challenges.

The livestock value chain also includes understanding climate change effects and identifying the adaptation options and investment opportunities. We have worked with different stakeholders in dryland communities to ensure optimal results are met.

We provide practical information and advice on livestock and health to different farmers and policy makers. Taking into consideration both the scientific and commercial knowledge. 

Beef Value Chain Analysis

Camel meat Value Chain analysis

Mutton Export Value Chain Djibouti

Member of a fodder producer group with harvested Cenchrus ciliaris grass seeds Wajir County

Irrigated Cenchrus ciliaris in an individually owned pasture enclosure in Wajir County

Cenchrus ciliaris grass species in an individually owned enclosure Baringo County

A Prosopis juliflora fenced enclosure before ploughing Baringo County

An enclosure owned by fodder producer groups before reseeding Baringo County

3. Rangeland mapping and Rehabilitation

Inconsistent climate conditions, changing grazing patterns and rise in human population has led to a significant reduction in rangeland over the years.

With our rangeland mapping and rehabilitation services, we empower communities by sensitizing them on appropriate grazing plans, rangeland carbon sequestration, rangeland monitoring, help advise on conservation agreements, Wetlands enhancement and Natural Resources Inventory collection

4. Crop Production and Extension services

ASAL eXtension has also provided consultancy services in crop production by equipping farmers with the necessary skills and techniques on how to improve their productivity and overall food security.

This consultancy covers guidance and advice on the area soil quality, improved seeds, water resource management for farm use, crop protection and farm knowledge.

Our consultation is both in the public sector working with the Local and National Government, and private sector through partnerships with foundations, trade associations, community groups and agricultural companies.

We issue practical approaches and provide different strategies using innovation or better systems

Extension Services Moist Garden Technology Machakos County

Maize grown on tied ridges

Grass re-seeding on semi-circular bands

Dryland maize farming using Zai pit water harvesting technology Machakos County

An enclosure owned by fodder producer groups before reseeding Baringo County

Cowpeas on tied ridges

Participatory Disease Surveillance Training Wajir County

Members of a fodder producer group after a successful training on grass reseeding hay harvesting and storage techniques Baringo County

Field Based Participatory Disease Surveillance Training Wajir County

Laboratory Diagnosis Technique Training Wajir County

5. Capacity Building and Technical Report Writing

At ASAL eXtension we work to ensure that our partners and clients get the best output from their teams. With our capacity-building programs, we provide improvement advice on upskilling capabilities for different functions in the organization to ensure increased productivity in line with the organization’s mission and values.

Our goal is to instill a positive culture, strong governance structure and propose implementation of efficient systems and work flow processes that will streamline operations for different functions. With these systems and structures in place, it will lead to enhanced teamwork and increased productivity among your workforce.

We also provide livestock health training seminars and workshops for managers and trainees, government policy-makers, veterinarians and different stakeholders.  This includes facilitating organizing, and speaking in different meetings and focus groups, providing information to farmers and policy-makers alike.

6. Project Management and Evaluation

Our consultancy service helps clients to integrate project management with the expected deliverables to better ensure the projects offer measurable and sustainable value to the intended beneficiaries.

Our consultants blend project management experience and skills with industry insight to deliver solutions that work for both the organization as a whole and serve the community.

We work with our partners to deliver projects and programs in both traditional and innovative ways within the expected parameters of time cost and quality standards.

End of Project Evaluation Community meeting to determine NGO project impact Karamoja Region Uganda

Focus Group Discussion Project Impact Marsabit County scaled

Project Evaluation of Pasture production groups in Garissa County

Project Evaluation of Pasture production groups in Marsabit County

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